Adesh Solar System, Bathinda

Everyone needs to power their homes. Thus far we have mainly relied on traditional sources of power, but more and more homeowners are leaning towards solar power systems for their homes. With good reason, because there are tremendous benefits to having solar energy.

Solar power offers huge savings. You save on expensive electricity bills, and with a short payback period, solar is an investment that actually pays you back. Not to mention the incredibly positive impact it has on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. It’s no wonder therefore that so many homes proudly have solar panels on the roof.

Adesh Solar System is a globally recognized leading solar energy solutions provider, and an active contributor in the world’s solar revolution. Their vast experience has made Vikram Solar a leading choice to go solar.

How to get solar installed

It’s a smart move for millions of homes. It’s also an important decision. As you explore installing solar panels on your roof, you will find you have many choices to make. Using this checklist puts important information in your hands that you need to know before entering into a contract to install a solar system.

Securing a fair deal

Look carefully at all costs and financing terms, including those that may be variable or dependon the utility company or ther factors outside of the contractor’s control.

Find out your local utility’s policies on integrating and connecting solar

What utility fees are involved to connect to the electric grid, and to put power back on the grid? How long will it take to get approval from your utility company to hook up your solar installation to the grid?