Adesh Solar System, Bathinda


Adesh Solar System is committed to make, operate and grow its business in a socially responsible way. Our Vision is to provide high quality and cost effective sustainable energy solutions across all the markets, reducing carbon foot print – paving way for sustainable energy thereby improving quality of present and future human life. Our goal is to achieve sustainable living and we will inspire to bring this in life by encouraging people to take a step towards green energy.Adesh Solar System is present in over 350 locations in India & 68 Countries worldwide.Being close to local communities our aim is to make your home safe and sustainable. Adesh Solar System runs a wide variety of CSR program helps people, environment and communities.

Adesh Solar System, Bathinda


Our Initiative of education has impacted life of 100000+ children. Helping to reduce CO2 emissions by promoting green energy. Our health and safety programmes for employees has benefited to 500+ workers at our plants. Stopped using packaged drinking water.

Adesh Solar System, Bathinda


Adesh Solar System has planned to make live sustainable through below goals-

  • Supporting to children for education
  • Protecting environment, health & safety
  • Engagement with communities